My name is Bailey Miller.

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I work as a UI/UX Designer at this sweet company that I like very much called Gaslight. I love design and code. I also love learning from and hanging out with really passionate people.

I’m a fine art, portrait, and wedding photographer in my spare time. I’ll take your photograph if you want.

I enjoy making music with a violin, harp, or computer often. Sometimes I throw in some other instruments. I perform under the name Greer. I recently released an EP named Sensitivity.

I graduated from Miami University in 2016. I received a BA in Interactive Media Studies with minors in Photography and Violin Performance. I'll be starting grad school soon at King's College of London (Online), where I'll be studying towards an MSc in The Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health.

If I’m not doing any of these things, you’ll probably find me eating chicken fried rice while listening to hip-hop with my fat cat, Gladys.